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Summer Lake is located in the Fremont National Forest which remains virtually undiscovered by hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders and other outdoor enthusiasts. It is said that you can hike or ride all day and not see another person in the woods. Walk or ride under the blue sky through meadows that have browned with the recent summer heat; pass through aspen groves or stands of giant ponderosa pines. Enjoy rock roses and penstemon along rock ridges in rimrock canyons that seem to appear out of nowhere in the desolate appearing landscape.
Drive a few miles further and you arrive at the former USFS lookout at Fremont Point. From here you also have grand views of the basin below, including more of the lake. Take time to eat a picnic lunch, packed for you by the folks at the Lodge. Remember to bring your camera and binoculars so you can take memories of the vista home with you! You'll find yourself returning again and again to feel the seasonal changes in the breezes that blow up at you from the valley below.

Other lookout points offer exciting panoramas as you do a driving tour through the Fremont National Forest, including breathtaking views of the Sycan Marsh.

The Lodge at Summer Lake was built in the late 1940s, by Frank and Ruth Graves, who decided to open a predecessor of the modern day Bed and Breakfast in hopes of attracting the increasing number of waterfowl and big-game hunters who were discovering the area.

The Graves' purchased 2 former barracks from Camp Abbott, now Sunriver, and moved the buildings in 8-foot sections to the location where the Lodge now stands, across Hwy 31 from the headquarters of the Summer Lake Wildlife Refuge. The barracks were renovated over the next year into a dining room that seated 12, a kitchen, 10 guestrooms, and a gas station. The lodge officially opened for the October 1947 hunting season. From September - January, over 2000 hunters were served good meals and hospitality. As the lodge gained popularity, birdwatchers, hikers, and tourists began visiting regularly. The dining facilities became a favorite with local families.
Although electricity now lights the lodge instead of kerosene and gas lamps, and 100-pound blocks of ice no longer chill the icebox, during the cool months visitors still warm their hands and spirits beside the wood burning stove in the rear of the restaurant. A western-style facade was added to the Lodge after the Graves' sold the property in about 1960. The dining room was enlarged and a 7 unit motel was added out back. The pumps are gone and further renovations are in progress. Still, the Summer Lake Lodge remains a popular spot for nature lovers. Hunters, biologists, and bird-watchers migrate in and out of Summer Lake with the water fowl and animals. Visitors continue to enjoy the refreshing friendly spirit of the past in rural Oregon.
The staff members at The Lodge find the dining experience to be one of their greatest rewards. Located in a remote part of Oregon, the restaurant is an important social center for many of the area's residents as well as a wonderful stop for visitors.
The Lodge offers a complete and varied breakfast menu, lunch service, and a very excellent Dinner Menu which features old favorites as well as fine dining meals designed to satisfy even the most picky palette!
The Lodge presently has a three acre bass pond, 7 motel units, 3 Lakeside Cabins, parking for self-contained RVs, tent sites, and showers available. The local area features horseback riding, bird watching, mountain biking, hiking, hunting, and fishing.
Many geological wonders and ancient petroglyphs can be found nearby. The staff at the Lodge can provide you with information and touring ideas to visit caves or hot springs, Hole-in-the-Ground, Fossil Lake, Crack-in-the-Ground, and Fort Rock. They can give directions to their favorite hiking trails in the Winter Ridge area of Fremont National Forest or tell you about the best fishing lakes in the area. Rock hounds will enjoy the fields of petrified wood and thunder eggs. The possibilities are vast and the staff will gladly provide you with lunches or guide you on day long excursions!

For more info or above fees/dates/hours info visit the: Lodge At Summer Lake
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