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Lake Abert is located in the Southern-central area of Oregon, south-central Lake County, about 30 miles north of Lakeview, on the west side of Highway 395.
This lake does not have an outlet and water can only leave by evaporation. As a result, sodium carbonates and other salts become concentrated in the lake's waters. Note image of white rock showing effects of alkalinity. The shore line image above of white is a field of such rocks. Abert Rim stretches 30 miles north to south. Lake Abert normally covers 60 square miles however the lake varies in size from year to year depending upon precipitation. It went almost completely dry 140 years ago. Elevation is 6,250 feet.
It is not uncommon to see mule deer traversing the mountain and country side in this area.

Abert Rim, with a vertical face more than a quarter mile high, this 30-mile long fault rises 2,000 feet above Lake Abert & 2,500 feet above the valley floor in the Great Basin country of Eastern Oregon's high desert. It is one of the largest, longest exposed fault escarpments in North America. with an 800 foot lava cap that ends in a sheer precipice. The scarp is practically a perfect fault, and one of the highest fault scarps in the world.
The rim began forming during geological upheaval several million years ago. In in 1843 the Lake & Rim were discovered by Lt. John Fremont and his party while searching for the mythical Buena Ventura River that was thought to flow from Klamath Lake into San Francisco Bay. Fremont named the lake and rim after his commanding officer, Colonel J.J. Abert.

Arial view of Lake Abert taken from Airplane looking West-NW. It was taken in Aug 2004.
Stretching from the south end of Lake Abert to Alkali Lake, this is the best area to view bighorn sheep. One of the most popular spots is above the geologic point of interest sign near mile marker 81. Bighorn sheep were transplanted to the rim in 1975 and 1977 from nearby Hart Mountain. At the shoreline numerous western snowy plover, one of the largest breeding populations of such species in the world, are easily seen swimming in small three inch circles, stirring up the brine shrimp, for a steady diet in this salty habitat. Also watch for raptors, such as ferruginous hawk, soaring above the lake.

This Black & White Abert Rim Photo above was taking around 1960.

Lake Abert and Abert Rim is 100,000 acres managed by the BLM. Located 17 miles north of Lakeview, the highway parallels Lake Abert for 18 miles.
For more information Call Lake County Chamber Of Commerce: 541-947-6040

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