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Alkali Lake is located in Lake County, Oregon, 345 km southeast of Portland, Oregon, just west of US Hwy 395, and about 100 miles from California boarder. Most of it is dry, which this stretch of US 395 crosses in almost a causeway-like fashion. There is some small quantity of water remaining on the southwest side, subject to rainfall, as there appears to be no feeder source for the lake otherwise. This area includes: Alkali Lake Dunes, Horror Spring & Hutton Spring.

Alkali Dunes are along Alkali Lake and Hutton Spring, on the northwest margin of Alkali Lake, is the sole habitat of the Hutton tui chub, classified as a threatened subspecies by the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

On the southwestern margin of Alkali Lake is a pretty messy chemical waste disposal site. About 25,000 drums of pesticide manufacturing waste were disposed of here in the late 1960s and 1970s. In 1976, the drums were crushed and buried in place in shallow trenches and fenced. Current analysis concludes that the site does not present a significant risk to the public or the environment.

4 Valid Minerals List:
Gaylussite - Na2Ca(CO3)2-5H2O
Magadiite - NaSi7O13(OH)3-3H2O
Natron - Na2CO3-10H2O
Thermonatrite Na2CO3-H2O

Max. Temp.: 90.5% Min. Temp.: 90.5% Precipitation: 91.5% Snowfall: 91.9%
Snow Depth: 90.8%
(a 2005 Census)
For more info call the Lake County Chamber at 541-947-6040

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