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Travel high and deep into the Cascade Mountains of southern Oregon when you drive the Rogue Umpqua Scenic Byway, more commonly known as the "highway of waterfalls." About 18 miles east of Roseburg, the North Umpqua River crashes into the Little River at Colliding Rivers, one of the few places in the world where two rivers meet head-on. Enjoy whitewater thrills and superb steelhead runs on the North Umpqua River as it tumbles through the Umpqua National Forest.

Waterfalls - Spend the day enjoying the many waterfalls along this wonderful Byway, (See our Waterfalls Section).

Diamond Lake is a year-round playground at the base of Mt. Thielsen. Take an hour or two and enjoy a bike ride around the lake, one of the nicest family bike rides anywhere. From here, you're only moments away from Crater Lake's north entrance, which is usually open from June through October. In winter you can swing through Highway 230 and Highway 62 to the south entrance, open year-round. Crater Lake attracts people from around the world to view its unusual beauty. Scientists from many places come here to study the environment.

Whether you're learning about the rich history of the Native Americans, stretching in front of a tranquil lake, or experiencing the rush of whitewater rafting on the river known as an "emerald jewel" of Oregon, you'll discover why this Byway is one of the state's best-loved areas. You won't forget the feelings you have while you're here deep in Oregon country.

Photo Credits:
Photo 1 Clearwater Falls by Waterfalls Northwest.
Photo 2 Diamond Lake.
Photo 3 Crater Lake.

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